We often look at others in comparison to our own abilities, the way we look, the way we act, even perhaps the way we speak. But why? I often find it’s the cause of social media, which entangles us into this hole of thoughts and feelings of worthlessness, jealousy or wanting what other people have. But the truth of social media its created to make us feel that way and for us to do the same to others. I frequently ask, why do we post what we’re doing, where we’re going, how we feel, just for other people to see? Often it’s to impress on others that we do have a good life. We rarely post the bad. Well why would we? Its embarrassing, right? To share our woes; to be vunerable to people’s judgements of our problems. But isn’t that what’s real? Isn’t that more relateable than comparable?

I think sometimes it’s this ‘like’ button that has been created on almost every social media site. We want people to like us, to look up to us, to feel wanted by others. So we search for ways to gain those things. If we don’t, we don’t feel valued. So in turn we cut out all the negative and post that happy, smiley picture, with a great caption, of which perhaps was just before an argument.

I don’t care for social media too much. I use it every now and then. After a bit of time i delete the apps from my phone for a few weeks, to be in touch with what’s real. To be present in the moment; with my family, my friends, at social gatherings, etc. But not only that, it’s to feel i am enough as much as i know i am. And that i have done enough, and i don’t need to be doing more than what i see someone else doing on snapchat, instagram, or twitter.

For instance, i spent this last weekend with family. To be totally honest, i wasn’t feeling good within myself so i left earlier than everyone else. But the point is i was enjoying being with them, until i went on snapchat to see everyone at this party, which by the way i chose not to go to for various reasons. So why did it make me feel i needed to be there? Crazy right?! Again though it comes back to how social media is created and its goal. I felt everyone was having a great time. Music that i liked was playing, people that i knew was there, everyone looked great, plenty of dancing, laughing, smiling. All the things i love. So being around my family although i was enjoying their company felt not enough. There was no dancing, or loads of people. The only music that was playing was Xfactor Lol. Don’t get me wrong i love my family more than they probably know and I’ve always said if i didn’t have friends i would be satisfied with just them. But a party is a party! Well despite how i felt i came to realise i didn’t miss out on anything people that went said it was “ok.” That was surprising as comparing it to the videos i saw it looked more than “ok.” Lesson learnt i think! Anywho, to conclude my ‘thoughts into words’ about social media. Just remember not everything is as it seems. You are enough, and you are doing enough and if you feel you’re not don’t base that decision on someone elses life, base it on yours.

Be happy my loves,

Riks xo

P. S. I aint finished on this subject as it is a big one, so part 2 is coming! 😉


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