I’m going to get straight to the point with this one.

Thailand culture

The one thing I noticed during my trip in Thailand, these people work, work, and work some more. From morning till night most places will be open especially in the tourist areas, which means you will be bombarded with their constant attempts to get you to buy from them, that most likely will be one of four things, if not all: food, taxi, clothes, or massages. I have to say this is one of the things that baffles me because so many people are competing for the same thing 2 minutes away from each other and they tend to get offended if you don’t buy from them. Nevertheless, i really do admire their work ethic and overall thai people are a friendly bunch, perhaps i just need to get use to their approach of promoting.


I thought this was an important subject to cover as many people think it’s expensive to go but actually it can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. I will give rough estimates how much we spent

Flights cost vary, we flew from London so flights were £100 cheaper than from Birmingham. (£312ish each)

From Bangkok to Phuket (HKT airport) its costs us £70 each. It can be cheaper depending on what airport you’re going, the airline you choose and luggage you bring.

Places to stay – *prices will be written as a whole.* In Bangkok we stayed in a 2* guest house for 3nights (pailin) very basic but it done the job and was hella cheap, not to mention how cute it was. (£44 for a twin room including breakfast) I would recommend this if you won’t be staying too long and want something cheap, just don’t have high expectations!

In Phuket we bumped it up a notch. 5* resort (Wyndham sea peal) breakfast included and private jacuzzi (£300 4nights) wifi is poor but its beautiful. I would recommend if you have transport, as its slightly up a hill and no near shops are walkable.

Final night we stayed in a 3* hotel in Phuket (Royal P) breakfast included, twin room with a balcony (£22 1night) I loved this hotel, very clean and cute. I would recommend if you want a happy medium between posh and standard too much and near some shops.

Everyday spendingexchange rates vary, mainly from 38-40bahts to a pound. I would recommend a place in Thailand called ‘super richtheir rates are around 41bahts to a pound.

Food can cost between 40bahts to over a 1000 bahts depending on how posh you feel, which in pounds that’s £1 to just over £20, not bad huh? Street food would be the cheapest, and sometimes the nicest but be careful!

Taxis can vary in price depending on what type you take and where, local taxis will be cheaper plus you can bargain with the driver. To give an e.g we took a hotel taxi to the airport which was a 40min journey it cost 700 bahts, we definitely could of got it a couple hundred cheaper if we booked a local. And of course you have the option of public transport which would be the cheapest, I don’t know of the exact costs as we didn’t take any.

Things to do

Excursions-We went sight seeing in the city of Kanchanaburi, which is over 2 hours away from Bangkok. We visted the war cemetery, and then caught the train that goes along the death rail way, built in WW2. You will have to pay at least 100 bahts to get on or 200 bahts to guarantee a seat, we didn’t want to risk standing up for an hour and a half so we paid the 200. We then had lunch and drove a few minutes to a waterfall, (can’t remember the name & can’t find it sorry!) this was such a beautiful place. Overall i would recommend this excursion, only if you’re ok with travelling. (Cost 500B)

Damnoen Saduak floating market. It rained on the day we went, so the experience wasn’t as joyous, but we did get a funny picture out of it. It’s 2 hours away from where we stayed in Bangkok. You will then take a long tail speed boat to the market, so you can see why it wasn’t a pleasant ride in the pouring rain. However, i can imagine how great it would of been when the suns out, plus you are almost guaranteed a good bargain, you just have to act like you’re not happy with their first price, for example we managed to get a full outfit top and trousers from 1000 bahts to 450 bahts, in the end we thought its best to save our money for Phuket, lets just say the lady wasn’t too happy. (cost 300B)

In phuket we went on a tour to the Phi Phi island. You take a speed boat around to different islands within the area and then have a lunch break included. This was my favourite excursion as we got to do snorkeling, which I’ve never done before, it was amazing to see another world of creatures living in a completely different habitat to the norm. (With great persistance and charm we got the price down to 869 bahts from around 1’300)

Massages (if you’re staying in Bangkok i would recommend samsen. Massgaes cost between 200 to 1000 bahts depending on what you have but generally a thai massage cost 250 bahts in most places. There are plenty of restaurants, street food, bars, day and night markets, the list goes on with what you can do in Thailand, just depends on where you are and what you want!

Things to bring you don’t think about:

  • Umbrella
  • Raincoat
  • Back pack
  • Small bag
  • Pen
  • Light long sleeved clothing (air con is everywhere)
  • Emergency clothing
  • Loose clothing
  • Small Blanket (literally saved my life)
  • Extra money for food(all inclusive hotels are rare and expensive)


If you haven’t rented a car, public transport is not a problem in Thailand as these people don’t do walking; there are always various taxis available like: tuk tuks (Google it) , mopeds, or standard cars. You can also catch the bus and train, we just took taxis or used our good old legs. Although a couple times we was given a free lift to places that we didn’t know how to get to. This obviously isn’t the safest option but there were two of us on a moped so it was done with caution, well kinda! I honestly would recommend to just hire out a moped depending on how long you’re staying and how many people you’re with ( 3 max on 1) as it’s easier and may work out the cheapest.

Summary Tips:

  • Don’t accept 1st price
  • Order local taxis in advance, its cheaper than hotel taxis
  • Mopeds are the cheapest taxis (orange clothing)
  • Street food is cheapest
  • Turn off roaming before you land
  • Bring enough cash, even if it’s ££ (card transactions will cost more)
  • Bring toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes & lotion with you on the plane to freshen up. (you won’t have access to checked in luggage at stop off)
  • Be safe & Enjoy your holiday!!!

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