Another chapter closed, another year closer to the end, and another chance to make a go at life! *sighs*

This year i have made big decisions, small decisions, good decisions, bad decisions, some i regret and others I’m proud of. The not so good ones i try to learn from, although they make me cringe so hard i end up having to tell myself “it’s done now.” Was it the way i handled a situation? What i wore? What i said? What i did? Well i can only be honest and admit those weren’t my best highlights, but to give myself some grace, I’m young and imperfect so I’m only guarenteened to make mistakes, and the only way i can live with them is to learn from them.

2018 has taught me…

The only person that is truely there for you is God.

Things change people change all the time, but it’s not a bad thing.

Things do get better, as much as they may get worse

Perspective is better than a solution

EVERYONE is going through something, so be kind & have empathy

If not everyone liked Jesus then i have no chance.

Figuring out who i am will always be a working progress

You can achieve anything you put consistent effort into.

Self respect is key to making good personal decisions.

What others think, say or do really does not affect your life.

At the end of the day we all want the same thing, to be loved, to love, & happiness.

Despite the many flaws, it has been a year of achievements, i passed my driving, I’ve ticked 2 places off my bucket list of places i wanted to visit, plus I’m still single, weird achievement i know, but i said to myself a couple years ago i don’t want a relationship for a few years, infact i don’t want to be with anyone until I’m completely satisfied within myself, which could take a long, long time. I want to focus on my own personal growth, self love, spirituality, emotional well being, all the things that a healthy relationship would need to work. Have i gained those things yet? Nope! So I’ve decided I’m going to take another year. I suppose there’s only so much you can promise yourself because if the right person came along, would i go for it? Perhaps initially but then i think what’s the point? I have so much more i could offer if i just gave myself the time needed to grow, but then it’s not really about someone else, it’s for me! Well anyway that’s enough of that!

A few goals of mine for 2019:

  • Holiday to USA
  • Visit the Anne frank museum
  • Grow spiritually
  • Gain more meaningful friendships
  • Develop greater self love
  • Avoid all negativity
  • Make wiser decisions
  • Have better Understanding of who i am & what i need in life
  • Save enough money to go away for a few months in 2020

You can ask me this time next year whether i have achieved those goals. Maybe i will of or maybe i won’t, or maybe I’ll be in the process of achieving them. Life is spontaneous so if things change, goals will change. Perhaps I’ll end up in another country or city who knows!

Comment below or dm me a goal of yours for 2019 or what you have learnt in 2018.

P. S I’m taking a social media break so any future blogs for the next few weeks will be posted but not via Instagram or fb.


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