There’s a million reasons why i should give you up but the heart wants what it wants.” – Selena Gomez

The heart and the mind are at war, knowing you are not good for her, but yet feeling you are. Its been too long to call it infatuation, it’s been too long to just let go now, but she doesn’t know what you want and she’s too afraid to ask. Rejection will only cause pain, pain that she is not prepared to endure. Will you cause it?

When you leave after every encounter, there is an emptiness within her, because without you she is dissatisfied, without you she is empty and there is no one else who can fill her. And yet after all this time you still do not know that! Or do you?

Piles of advice and opinions she has sought through and they all convey doubt in your love for her. Why don’t you just tell her you don’t love her? Wouldn’t that be a kindness towards her? Wouldn’t that be easier for everyone? Or is that too of a selfless act for you?

Can’t you see every action you take, every decision you make, every feeling you feel, affects her? Can’t you see all she has done, the good, the bad, all the ups and downs was because she was falling in love and now she is in love? Her love was confirmed when she ran away, only to come back again…and again… And again. Why can’t you see that? Why cant you reciprocate that? Do you not get it? Why don’t you get it?

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